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Critical Values:

Precious Blood Spirituality: This foundational value expresses the redeeming love of Jesus which holds each person as precious in God’s sight. No one is beyond the love of God and each person bears the responsibility to care for the other. All other values flow from this.

  • Promotion of the dignity of and respect for all life: This value recognizes the interconnectedness of all living beings from the earth itself to human beings created in the image and likeness of God. All are stewards of this creation and of all life that God has entrusted to our care.
  • Healing and reconciliation: This value acknowledges that the world and the people in it are wounded and in need. The fruit of healing and reconciliation — flowing from Precious Blood Spirituality — is the restoration of wholeness in people’s lives and in the world.
  • Solidarity with the poor: The Gospel values of compassion and mercy make it necessary that we minister to those who are suffering from oppression, poverty and/or exclusion. These needs can be of a material, spiritual, psychological or social nature.
  • Emphasis on the common good: This value seeks to shift the focus from an emphasis on individual rights to one which would benefit the common good. This value places the good of the whole in right relation to that of the individual.
  • Responding to unmet needs of the time: The CHM Fund seeks to support those projects that address needs not being met by government, local or other organizations, non-profit or otherwise.