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Grants Awarded

2020 Cycle Two

The following organizations were awarded grants from the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund in Cycle Two of 2020. We wish them every success in the accomplishment of their goals in serving God’s people. Click on the organization names to visit their websites. See Cycle One grants awarded.

Affecting Community Transformation Dba Oasis House
Project: Safe House Management
Organization Mission: Oasis House offers hope and support to women victims/survivors of sexual exploitation, substance abuse, and trauma. We do this by promoting healing, empowerment and restoration through Christ’s unconditional love, teaching practical life skills, and mentoring a transformational process.

Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Familia Guatemalteca
Project: Proyecto de Salud Mental Maria Anna Bunner
Organization Mission: The purpose of our association is to study, analyze, propose and implement programs and projects aimed at solving human problems with respect to the person and the family. Our goal is the integral protection of the human being and of the family. We promote academic development, family counseling and psychological support that allows the integral development of the person and the family. For this purpose, we sponsor, direct and administer all types of studies and projects of any kind, Academic development, family counseling. We support persons and activities that help achieve this end, as well as any other purpose or objective that is compatible or complementary with the search for human fulfillment and protection of the family.

Brunner Literacy Center
Project: Learning Near and Far
Organization Mission: The Brunner Literacy Center provides flexible learning opportunities to meet the individual needs of adult students in pursuit of their personal or professional education.

Catholic Charities of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties
Project: Center for Hope (CFH) Operations
Organization Mission: Our mission is the work of the Catholic Church, to share the love of Christ by performing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Catholic Mobilizing Network
Project: Restorative Justice “Deepening” Initiative: Murder Victim Family Members & Utilization of CMN’s “Transformative Encounter” Guide
Organization Mission: Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) is a national organization that mobilizes Catholics and all people of goodwill to value life over death, to end the use of the death penalty, to transform the U.S. criminal justice system from punitive to restorative, and to build capacity in U.S. society to engage in restorative practices. Through education, advocacy, and prayer, and based on the Gospel value that every human is created in the image and likeness of God, CMN expresses the fundamental belief that all those who have caused or been impacted by crime should be treated with dignity.

Collegine Sisters
Project: Girls’ Hostel at the Collegine Sisters of the Holy Family Secondary School in Njombe, Tanzania
Organization Mission: The Collegine Sisters’ mission is to provide a high quality education in a Catholic learning environment for girls coming from marginalized families, who would otherwise not be able to provide for their children’s education. Our purpose is to educate these young women spiritually, intellectually and socially, and to provide them the academic and vocational skills needed to open for them a future as competent, confident, highly disciplined young women.

Diocese of Gikongoro-Rwanda, Inc.
Project: Self Care Reinforcement to families with malnutrition in Gikongoro Diocese/ Mushubi Parish
Organization Mission: Our Organization was created to support the Diocese of Gikongoro in Rwanda. Our organization supports the diocese in their efforts to spread the Good News to Christians and non-christians, supporting projects that promote the integral human development through counseling, reconciliation, charity works, the formation of seminarians and priests, provide medicine, food resources to needy, build facilities for pilgrims at Kibeho and advocacy.

Diocese of Tanga
Project: Pro-Poor School and Community Water Supply
Organization Mission: We strive to human growth and transformation through evangelization and development of the People of the Lord and growth of the Holy service and show love of God through helping the needy communities with basic and social services.

Dismas Ministry
Project: Pastoral Outreach to Inmates
Organization Mission: Dismas Ministry’s mission is to address the spiritual needs of the incarcerated. We believe that prisoners, as members of Christ’s Body, have a right to the resources they need to grow in their relationship with God and to turn their lives around. The ministry uses a restorative justice approach, knowing that a prisoner’s spiritual rehabilitation will have positive effects on others (victims, families, and community).

Earthlinks, Inc.
Project: EarthLinks Workshop Program
Organization Mission: EarthLinks cultivates transformation and self-worth with people experiencing homelessness and poverty. By creating opportunities through Earth-centered programs, individuals step out of isolation and into community—restoring each other and the planet.

Eco-Logic Development Fund
Project: Building Community Resilience and Conservation in Northern Honduras
Organization Mission: EcoLogic Development Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1993, works to empower rural and indigenous peoples to restore and protect tropical ecosystems. We currently work in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras in some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. EcoLogic builds partnerships with rural and indigenous-led organizations and helps them identify, evaluate, and prioritize their conservation and natural resource needs.

Elizabeth’s New Life Center
Project: Precious Beginnings
Organization Mission: The mission of Elizabeth’s New Life Center (ENLC) is to “empower individuals and families to make Godly life choices.” We do this by providing wraparound pregnancy services for women and men experiencing unexpected pregnancies. These include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins, assistance with obtaining insurance, educational opportunities, material assistance, and more. We also operate Holy Family Prenatal Care, a prenatal clinic that serves women through the prenatal, delivery, and post-partum periods. Finally, we provide sexual risk avoidance education to middle and high school youth as well as relationship and marriage classes and couples counseling. By the grace of God, we humbly labor in the culture of life.

Faith Hope Love Haiti
Project: Dispensary Building Project at Our Lady of Perpetual Hope Orphanage in Haiti
Organization Mission: Sharing Faith, Giving Hope, and Spreading Love to those in Haiti.

Friends in Solidarity, Inc.
Project: Friends in Solidarity, Support for Expansion
Organization Mission: Friends in Solidarity is a collaborative ministry initiated by Institutes of Women and Men Religious in the United States supporting the people of Africa, especially South Sudan, through capacity building initiatives that include the training of teachers, health care professionals and pastoral teams. Compelled by the suffering of our African brothers and sisters, we are committed to raising awareness of their situation and working in collaboration with the Church in Africa as it accompanies, equips and empowers the people to create a sustainable future where their full human potential may be realized.

Friends of Batahola
Project: A Hopeful Vision
Organization Mission: The Friends of Batahola supports, sustains, and promotes the CCBN – Cultural Center of Batahola Norte – through prayer, financial assistance, solidarity, and building community, thereby responding to the call of the Gospel.

Fundación Cerro Navia Joven
Project: Precious Blood Community Center for the Elderly
Organization Mission: The mission of the foundation is to contribute to overcoming inequality and social exclusion, seeking to respond to real needs and urgencies with strategies aimed at children, youth, adults, seniors and people with disabilities.

God’s Treasures
Project: Outreach Program
Organization Mission: Tesoros de Dios exists to serve Nicaraguan children with disabilities providing a wide variety of services on campus and by strengthening partnerships with families, schools, and churches in Managua and cities beyond. Tesoros de Dios aims to develop a hopeful future of inclusion and increased independence for each of our students.

Good Shepherd Ministries
Project: Expansion of Recovery Farm and neighborhood raised beds, and Good Shepherd Store
Organization Mission: Good Shepherd Ministries is an interdenominational Christian agency, which provides social services to those in recovery and/or reentry. Our Life Recovery Center assists clients with a fresh start.

Green Guerillas
Project: Intergenerational Food Justice in Action: Youth Engaged to Increase Healthy Food Access for Seniors
Organization Mission: Green Guerillas uses a unique mix of education, organizing and advocacy to help people in low-income neighborhoods cultivate community gardens, sustain grassroots groups, grow food, engage youth, and address issues critical to the future of food justice.

Harmony, Hope & Healing
Project: Community Leaders
Organization Mission: Harmony, Hope & Healing creates a safe environment where vulnerable individuals and families heal and rebuild through the restorative power of music.

Healing Hearts Restoring Hope
Project: Journey to Hope and Healing
Organization Mission: To create opportunities that promote hope and healing in the wake of homicide for those most personally impacted: crime victims and survivors, their families, offenders, their families the community where the crime occurred, first responders, criminal justice professionals, court personnel, jurors and hospital trauma teams.

Hope for Kabingo, Inc.
Project: Kabingo Maternity Ward
Organization Mission: We, as people of faith, partner with the villagers in the Kabingo, Uganda region to empower them to break the cycle of poverty and provide hope for a better tomorrow.

Horizon Community Engagement Corp.
Project: Re-Entry 101
Organization Mission: Horizon’s mission is to transform prisoners and prepare prisoners for re-integregation in community. Since 2000, Horizon has provided an emotionally safe place for incarcerated women and men to discover and practice a newly transformed way to live. Participants spend 10 months developing social and emotional skills, healing from trauma, and gaining insight into the realities that brought them to prison. They form a deeper connection to their faith and gain an appreciation for other people’s beliefs.

House of Hope of the Pee Dee
Project: Tiny Homes, Big Dreams
Organization Mission: House of Hope is a Christ-centered community providing hope by serving the needs of men, women and children facing homelessness.

Instituto del Rincon AC
Project: Program for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation in Rural Mexico
Organization Mission: The Corner Institute’s mission is the promotion of our region’s educational and economic development, giving priority to programs benefiting those in greatest need. Our assistance to migrants’ families and children allows us to help families and children in greatest need resolve critical difficulties before these become family-fragmenting crises, while generating new educational and earning opportunities for area youths, migrants’ widows, single parents and returned migrants. Our peace-building programs address the violence and corruption which constitute the most important obstacles to our region’s development, and seek to alleviate the suffering of those most afflicted through methods of accompaniment and empowerment.

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center
Project: Anti-Death Penalty Program
Organization Mission: The Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center educates and advocates for peace, challenges unjust local, national, and global systems, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society.

Jesuit Refugee Service/USA
Project: Women Working in Safer Environments: Community Based Interventions for Livelihoods and Peace in Nigeria
Organization Mission: Inspired by the generous love and example of Jesus Christ, Jesuit Refugee Service seeks to accompany, serve, and advocate the cause of refugees and other forcibly displaced people, that they may heal, learn, and determine their own future.

Joseph’s Home
Project: Mary’s Home: Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness for Women
Organization Mission: Medically-fragile individuals experiencing homelessness are stuck in a cycle of instability. When they experience a medical issue, they are rushed to emergency departments. More times than not, emergency departments treat their most urgent needs and discharge them back to a traditional shelter or the streets, which starts the cycle all over again. Joseph’s Home breaks this tragic cycle by providing medical respite care in a nurturing, caring environment, helping individuals experiencing homelessness heal, attain housing and regain their independence.

Kingdom Kids Homes
Project: House Of Hope Christian School and Community Center Organization Mission: Kingdom Kids Homes is a faith-based, Christian, non-profit organization and our mission is to bring children into the kingdom of God and to empower and equip them to bring others into the kingdom of God. We aim to provide basic needs to impoverished children in Haiti, by providing a sound education, provision of safe home, clean water, nutritious meals, recreational facilities, medical care, and the opportunity to have a real and genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

Livingston County Catholic Charities
Project: Special Ministries of Livingston County
Organization Mission: The Mission of Livingston County Catholic Charities is the work of the Catholic Church, to share the love of Christ by performing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Madonna Mission
Project: Madonna Mission Leadership Support
Organization Mission: Madonna Mission is a not-for-profit organization providing education and resettlement support programs for refugee families in Chicago. Basic services provided by resettlement agencies typically run out in a matter of months. We work with grateful newcomers to a strange land, eager to build a productive life but lacking the ability to communicate or read the local language, or find a safe place to receive support and compassion.

Mary’s Pence
Project: ESPERA
Organization Mission: Mary’s Pence invests in women across the Americas by funding community initiatives and fostering collaborations to create social change. We envision a world where empowered women and their communities flourish in solidarity and justice. We believe that all people deserve to live with dignity, free from violence and oppression.

Mercy Manor, Inc.
Project: Recovery Housing for Women
Organization Mission: The mission of Mercy Manor is to provide a safe, spiritual residence for women with histories of homelessness, abuse, mental health, incarceration, alcohol and drug addiction, while they re-establish themselves into the local community.

Mission for the Homeless
Project: Mission for the Homeless, Inc. Operations
Organization Mission: Mission for the Homeless is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable corporation. For over 20 years the Mission has distributed blankets, food, clothing and tents to the homeless, seven nights a week in Oakland, California. We visit approximately 160 homeless people every night.

Neighborhood Alliance
Project: In support of Senior Nutrition Program Meals and Route Expansion
Organization Mission: Helping communities grow stronger by meeting critical needs and empowering individuals and families.

Northlands Rescue Mission
Project: From Homelessness to Home
Organization Mission: The purpose of Northlands Rescue Mission is to provide a place of hope where people can recover from homelessness, pain and addiction, restoring their dignity and improving their lives. Those in need will be cared for in an environment that reflects Christian principles. We believe in food and shelter for all. This belief extends beyond the Mission walls.

Palouse Care Network, Inc.
Project: Expanding our Network of Care to Pullman, WA, and Washington State University students
Organization Mission: Palouse Care Network (PCN) is faith-based and life-affirming. We provide confidential and compassionate care in the form of specialized medical, practical and spiritual support to those facing pregnancy, parenting, and other sexual health issues. PCN offers a warm, professional, and safe place for young women and men to have real and honest conversations with our client advocates about their pregnancy decisions, relationships, physical and emotional wellness, life goals, and spirituality. We are especially excited to help answer tough questions, resolve heart-rending conflicts, and be a transformative voice in the lives of college students and others of all faiths and backgrounds as they confront difficult, deeply personal situations.

Partners In Hope, Inc.
Project: Crisis Relief Services
Organization Mission: Through our faith as children of God, we build positive relationships and develop partnerships to make a positive impact on our community.

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation
Project: Family Forward Initiative
Organization Mission: Rooted in the Spirituality of the Precious Blood, we strive to restore human dignity through hospitality, hope and healing.

Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development
Project: Brain & Body Integration Children’s Program
Organization Mission: The Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development’s Mission Statement: To offer those with special needs the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential utilizing individualized neurodevelopmental, neuroeducational and wellness programs. To offer the general community the opportunity to increase their well being utilizing a variety of services within the wellness program.

Sacred Heart House of Denver
Project: Continuum of Services
Organization Mission: Sacred Heart House of Denver provides a Continuum of Services for single mothers w/ children & single women experiencing homelessness, enabling them to obtain housing & become self-sufficient.

Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project
Project: Access to Primary Medical Care Services for Marginalized Communities
Organization Mission: The Sangre de Cristo Health Project has 3 focus areas of health education, disease prevention and direct curative services. The Project provides access to affordable primary health care and programs which assist the population to develop knowledge and skills to improve their own health and well-being. Our mission of service includes 4 Medical Clinics, 4 Pharmacies, 2 Dental Clinics and 2 Laboratories, surgery campaign, medical/dental visits in remote villages, health education in schools, community health talks and Environmental Health Program. All services meet immediate health needs, as well as, provide a focus for implementing a healthier way of life, having a long term positive impact on the quality of life of local families.

Sisters in Shelter
Project: Sisters in Shelter Operations
Organization Mission: Our mission is to support survivors and bring to light the extensive issue of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, and the need to address it in our own community.

Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Ohio
Project: Project Hope-Proyecto Esperanza 2020-2021 Serving the Legal Needs of Immigrants
Organization Mission: We are a community rooted in Gospel and gifted with charism of Francis and Clare. Transformed by God’s love and guided by the Spirit, we continue the mission of Jesus wherever we serve, adhering to the words which inspired Mother Francis and Father Bihn: “…whatsoever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.”

Southern California Immigration Project
Project: Legal Services for Asylum Seekers
Organization Mission: Founded in 2015, the Southern California Immigration Project (SCIP) serves indigent asylum seekers whose legitimate fear of persecution prevents them from remaining in their home country, and instead, forces them to flee in pursuit of safety. SCIP exists to aid immigrants gain legal sanctuary in the U.S. Due to the overwhelming amount of immigrants waiting at our border and being processed through the system, the need for pro bono legal services is urgent. We represent clients at every stage of their legal case, and strive to provide them with the best legal representation possible and to remove the barriers they face (economic, linguistic, cultural, physical/mental health, etc.) when seeking asylum in the United States.

St. Charles Lwanga Kitabi Vocational Secondary School
Project: Establishment of a rain water harvesting project at St. Charles Lwanga Kitabi Voc. SS
Organization Mission: To bring up competent, committed, resourceful, responsible and God-fearing people through education.

St. Mary’s Services dba Hopeful Beginnings of St. Mary’s Services
Project: Maternity Counseling, encompassing unplanned pregnancies, perinatal mood disorder, adjustment to motherhood, and case management Organization Mission: We build stable families through adoption; support women through the challenges of pregnancy and parenting; and build stronger communities through counseling and education. Our vision is that every child deserves a good home. We counsel through the adoption journey, provide teen parenting support, and counsel mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, postpartum depression, grief over pregnancy loss, or difficulty adjusting to parenthood. In addition to the adoption program, we provide case management to mothers confronting challenges like safe and secure housing, food, employment, and free baby supplies from our Baby Closet. We also help pregnant or parenting teens stay on track to graduate while strengthening their capacity to parent.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
Project: Transformation: An Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care System
Organization Mission: In the spirit of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, the SVCMC family is dedicated to the healing ministry of Jesus. Caregivers serve with a deep respect for the dignity and value of all persons, are focused on quality care, dedicated to the poor, and committed to continuing education.

The Haven Home
Project: Start Up Day Programming
Organization Mission: The Haven Home works to eliminate family homelessness by providing shelter and community resources to women and children experiencing homelessness and/or poverty.

Three Roots International
Project: Expanding Saving Groups for Vulnerable Women
Organization Mission: Three Roots International exists to empower vulnerable communities in rural Ethiopia with sustainable solutions to end extreme physical and spiritual poverty. Rural families are suffering under the weight of extreme poverty, struggling to survive on less than $1.25 a day. This creates generational cycles of hopelessness, shame, addiction, and exploitation. Motivated by God’s call to rescue the poor and oppressed, our mission is to cultivate community development and economic capacity by empowering families through education, health, and income generating activities. We focus on holistic and sustainable community change through a strategic program model, and true empowerment of the local church to lead in community transformation.

Tigerlili Resources, Inc.
Project: The Scarlet Letter and House of Rehab
Organization Mission: To reach woman and teenagers who are sexually exploited and trafficked, offer them a safe escape and guide them to whole healing in Jesus Christ, while disrupting the demand of their purchase by reaching the hearts of men.

Unlocking Communities
Project: 2020-2022 Haiti Regional Expansion
Organization Mission: We equip entrepreneurs with the education and tools to sell sustainable products that unlock economic, social, and environmental transformation in their communities.

Vagabond Missions
Project: Thriving Inner-Cities Initiative
Organization Mission: Inner-city teens confront a cycle of neglect, violence and broken family life. Vagabond Missions introduces them to Jesus and a loving community by mobilizing missionaries. Through outreach, every inner-city teen can be known, loved and experience hope for their lives.

Wesley Community Center
Project: Dayton Cooks!
Organization Mission: The mission of Wesley Community Center is to meet the spiritual and basic needs of families of all ages, offering assistance in education and training, employment and in meeting human needs (food, clothing, and shelter) in transitioning families toward self-sufficiency. The Center’s commitments include providing opportunities for all age groups that will respond to actual needs and interests and being a supportive agency for community endeavors and building bridges of understanding between people in the community.

WildlifeDirect, Inc.
Project: Wildlife Warrior Kids: Empowering Children to be Environmental Stewards
Organization Mission: WildlifeDirect recognizes that the future of Africa’s wildlife depends on the performance of our protected areas. Africa is famed for its diversity of large mammals, elephants, rhinos, giraffe, lions, etc which is unrivaled anywhere in the world. But this invaluable heritage is under threat due to degradation and loss of habitat caused by uncontrolled infrastructure development, agricultural and urban expansion and climate change. Even within national parks and other protected areas, wildlife populations are threatened by poaching, illegal grazing, and the introduction of invasive exotic species. Our protected areas have lost more than 60% of their wildlife due in part to lack of resources for proper management and enforcement.


2020 Cycle One

The following organizations were awarded grants from the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund in Cycle One of 2020. We wish them every success in the accomplishment of their goals in serving God’s people. Click on the organization names to visit their websites.

All-Africa Conference: Sister to Sister
Project: Critical Issues and Empowerment Programing
Organization Mission: All-Africa Conference: Sister to Sisters is a relationship of global religious and lay partners with Women Religious in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our sisters in Africa develop and execute enrichment and empowerment programs for sisters in their countries so that they can more effectively address issues impacting their ministries and congregations. These issues include extreme poverty, the ongoing threat of HIV/AIDS, and gender inequalities that keep women and girls from reaching their full potential.

Asociación de Educación Popular para Adultos Are Wa Majbalre Guatemala C.A.
Project: Education for empowerment of youth and women in five communities of Chinautla
Organization Mission: Contributing to the educational development of adolescents and adults of both sexes in communities located in urban and rural marginalized areas. Promoting the human, social and cultural awareness of communities and groups, the recovery and practice of human and ethical values that strengthen social coexistence at a group, family and community level.

Asociacion para la Promocion y Difusion Cultural, Social y Educative “Centro de Formacion Multiple de la Preciosisima Sangre”
Project: Holy Mary of the Most Precious Blood School of Integral Formation for Church Leadership
Organization Mission: The purpose of this project is to offer integral education beyond grade school in Guatemala for young Mayan or Garifuna women from highland or rural areas where there is little or no access to higher learning. Great importance is given to self esteem and leadership. This project has two parts: a free boarding school, Middle and High School levels, in San Raymundo. The graduates who want to study beyond high school in the Capital but have no housing available live at Casa Sofia (a free residence) in zone 16. We hope to form leaders in Church and Society.

Carol’s Kitchen
Project: Carol’s Kitchen Operations
Organization Mission: To strengthen the San Gorgonio Pass of Southern California by ensuring the men, women and children of our communities do not go hungry – regardless of their age, religion, cultural background, employment or economic status and physical and mental abilities.

Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha
Project: Matui Parish Borehole Water Project
Organization Mission: Arusha Archdiocese was founded by the congregation of the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost Fathers) in 1963. The mission of the Diocese from the beginning has been: first evangelization, education, health and human development. The diocese is now under the local ordinary (Archbishop Issac Amani). The focus of the diocese up to date is to provide human basic needs like water, food and shelter which need to go hand in hand with our evangelization.

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio (Immigration)
Project: Immigration Legal Services
Organization Mission: Our mission is to strengthen communities by serving the poor, protecting the vulnerable, and welcoming the stranger. Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio (CCSWO) serves eleven counties in Ohio: Hamilton, Adams, Brown, Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Highland, Logan, and Warren. For nearly 100 years, CCSWO has been delivering high-impact social services to individuals and families in need through programs for children and youth, mental health services, support for the elderly, and a wide range of services for immigrants and refugees in our community.

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio (Vacaciones Útilies)
Project: Vacaciones Útiles
Organization Mission: Our mission is to strengthen communities by serving the poor, protecting the vulnerable, and welcoming the stranger. Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio (CCSWO) serves eleven counties in Ohio: Hamilton, Adams, Brown, Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Highland, Logan, and Warren. For nearly 100 years, CCSWO has been delivering high-impact social services to individuals and families in need through programs for children and youth, mental health services, support for the elderly, and a wide range of services for immigrants and refugees in our community.

Catholic Outreach to Northern Ukraine
Project: Kharkiv Single Mother’s Home – 2 Year Operating Expenses & Group Vehicle
Organization Mission: To develop a partnership of prayer and action with and for each other in both nations, allowing ourselves to share both in giving and receiving the many gifts God has given us, experiencing a greater depth of our human dignity in the one Body of Christ.

Congregation of Sisters of Charity of The Incarnate Word
Project: Installation of the solar system at the Diocesan offfices of the Catholic Diocese of Mongu
Organization Mission: The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, a Congregation of women religious of different ages, with diverse gifts and talents. Our mission is to actualize the saving and healing love of Jesus, the Incarnate Word. Coming from many countries and cultures, we are united by our call to live Jesus’ mision of love and service through the promotion of human dignity, especially among those who are most vulnerable.

Cooperative for Education
Project: 93 Scholarships for Indigenous Girls and Boys in Guatemala
Organization Mission: Cooperative for Education’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. We do this through innovative textbook, computer, reading, and scholarship/youth development programs that each address gaps in Guatemala’s education system. Since 1996, our sustainable programs have reached 225,500 students

COTS (Committee on the Shelterless)
Project: Mary Isaak Center Emergency Shelter
Organization Mission: Our mission is to assist people to transition from homelessness to a permanent home.

Daystar Life Center, Inc.
Project: Daystar Homeless Essential Services and Emergency Power
Organization Mission: By its mission, Daystar Life Center, Inc. provides the necessities of life to our neighbors in need in order to alleviate hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness. Daystar’s vision is that no neighbor (is) in need; and every neighbor has hope. The core values of Daystar are as follows: treat all with compassion and dignity, client focused, respect for individuality, responsible stewardship of resources, volunteers are our core, emphasize teamwork and family spirit, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Developing Potential, Inc.
Project: Building Lives
Organization Mission: To provide quality day habilitation services to adults with developmental disabilities and support those individuals to reach their potential and achieve a dignified, adult lifestyle. Developing Potential Inc. is a holistic program that focuses on Body, Mind, and Spirit of the individuals we support seeking to build strength, foster independence, and be a vehicle for changing lives.

Dominican Sisters of Peace
Project: Neighborhood Outreach to Promote Peace and Prosperity
Organization Mission: As a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, including nearly 3 decades of service by Sr. Gene Poore, OP, to Kingston, the Jamaican Outreach Collaborative (JOC) project aims to alleviate the suffering and economic despair of its residents. This collaborative capitalizes on the work of our congregation’s sponsored Jamaican ministry. Using the Catholic social teaching of dignity of the human person the collaborative seeks to care for some of the most vulnerable people in the world by addressing their many needs holistically through a variety of programs offered year-long; seeking to help empower them and offer hope. This holistic approach is critical to making meaningful change in the lives of the poor and is made possible by partnership.

El Puente Educational Center
Project: El Puente Educational Center Operations
Organization Mission: El Puente translates to “the bridge” in Spanish, which symbolizes our mission to serve as a bridge and connection point for Latino students and families to achieve academic success, well-being, and integration in the Dayton community. El Puente provides a daily educational program for students K-6 that includes tutoring for students and also lifestyle workshops for their families. El Puente not only focuses on the enrichment of the Latino students and families but also of the volunteers who contribute their talents and time to our program.

En Camino at St Wendelin Parish
Project: Empowering Immigrant and Refugee Volunteers
Organization Mission: En Camino Migrant and Immigrant Outreach aims to provide immigrant benefits to those persons who are eligible to receive them. En Camino fosters an attitude of leadership among its staff and clients so that newcomers will assist each other to integrate into society and contribute to staff and volunteers awareness and community participation.

Farm of Hope, Inc.
Project: Hope in the Community Transportation
Organization Mission: Hope Springs Farms mission is to provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and Autism a meaningful day through joyful group activities in a family farm setting and in our community.

Findlay Hope House for the Homeless
Project: Hope House Operational Support
Organization Mission: Since its founding by Sr Karen Elliott, CPPS, in 1990, Hope House has operated with the mission to eliminate homelessness and alleviate poverty in Hancock County. Fulfilling this mission goes well beyond housing and budgeting to long-term opportunities for permanently exiting the cycles of poverty & homelessness. We treat all people with dignity & respect, which leads to hope. We know that permanent change is worth the time, mentoring & resources needed to create it.

Flat Rock Childrens Home of the United Methodist Church
Project: Adult Program Relocation and Expansion
Organization Mission: The mission of Flat Rock Homes is to provide outstanding services which transform the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, and persons with critical needs through a dedication to caring and excellence that demonstrates Christian values.

Good Neighbor House
Project: Clinical Services (Health Services)
Organization Mission:  To empower healthier families by fostering the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our neighbors.

Healthy Moms & Babes
Project: Segale House/homeless pregnant women
Organization Mission:  Healthy Moms & Babes is a Catholic-based organization that answers God’s call to serve at-risk women of childbearing age and their children so that they may survive and thrive.

Holy Spirit Life Learning Center
Project: Domestic Abuse Program: Support, Education, and Awareness
Organization Mission:  The mission of the Holy Spirit Life Learning Center (HSLLC) is to work in collaborative service with other institutions and community members of the West Ridge, Rogers Park area and its surroundings in Chicago, and Wheeling, Illinois and its surroundings, to support individuals, especially women and children, to reach a better standard of living by improving learning skills and developing self-confidence.

Ignatian Spirituality Project
Project: Leadership and Formation Program
Organization Mission:  The Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP) facilitates experiences of hope, transformation, and belonging for people who have experienced homelessness and are in recovery from addiction. As the only organization of its kind to offer Ignatian retreats to those on the margins, ISP occupies a unique role on the continuum of care for those emerging from homelessness and addiction. Through a seamless blend of Ignatian and 12-step Recovery spirituality, ISP’s retreat programs foster a spark of hope and possibility for change. As part of a community, participants re-discover their inherent worth and dignity, leading to an increase in self-agency which empowers them to access those services that help move them out of poverty.

John Brown University
Project: John Brown University ENACTUS Clean Water Project
Organization Mission:  The mission of John Brown University (JBU) is to provide Christ-centered education that prepares people to honor God and serve others by developing their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives.

Living Waters International, Inc.
Project: Completion of Construction of a Kindergarten at Ponta do Ouro in the Maputo Archdiocese of Mozambique
Organization Mission:  The mission of Living Waters International, the organization serving as the fiscal agent for this grant request, is to assist in the procurement of funds for Roman Catholic missionary congregations to advance their missionary work in Africa.

Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood
Project: Construction of a hostel for girls in Kinkole
Organization Mission:  We, the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, are called to live the Paschal Mystery and to witness to the Redeeming love of Christ. According to the wish of our founder we focus on family apostolate and wholistic education of youth and children.

Missionary Society of St. Francis de Sales
Project: Construction of St. Francis de Sales Il Bissil Primary School, Kajiado, Kenya
Organization Mission: Following the Word of God and the Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, empower the last, the least and the lost to live a dignified life, promote healing and reconciliation among the people who are suffering due to different social issues and unite all the tribes and groups in the society by providing them quality education.

Mount St. Joseph University
Project: Servant Leadership Scholars Program
Organization Mission: Mount St. Joseph University is a Catholic academic community grounded in the spiritual values and vision of its founders, the Sisters of Charity. The University educates its students through interdisciplinary liberal arts and professional curricula emphasizing values, integrity and social responsibility. The Mount community embraces excellence in academic endeavors; integration of life and learning; respect and concern for all persons; diversity of cultures and beliefs; and service to others.

My Quiet Cave
Project: Teen Overcome
Organization Mission: My Quiet Cave’s mission is to create spaces for faith and mental health by training and empowering communities to address mental health well.

Our Lady of Mercy St. Vincent de Paul Conference
Project:  Expansion of Neighbor Assistance Program
Organization Mission: Mission Statement for the Dayton District Council of St. Vincent de Paul, growing in spirituality and friendship, Christ-inspired person to person support in an empowering effort to improve the lives of those in personal, spiritual, or material need.

Paul’s Place, Inc.
Project:  Reducing Food Insecurity in Southwest Baltimore
Organization Mission: Paul’s Place offers a broad range of programs and services to under-served individuals and families in Southwest Baltimore to alleviate the immediate and long-term effects of poverty, help them move closer to self-sufficiency, and reduce their reliance on emergency services and basic assistance. Every day, more than 200 individuals turn to Paul’s Place for immediate relief and support to improve the quality of their life. Our vision is that the individuals and families living in Southwest Baltimore City will have full access to high quality health care, education, employment and housing along with the other support necessary for stability and self-sufficiency.

Poor Clares Sisters
Project:  Construction of a model farm & farm school for sustainable agriculture to enhance poor women economic life & save them from exploitation
Organization Mission: Our mission is take care of the poor in the aspects of life through development projects. We serve also in spiritual acts to give the comfort to the needy people. We strive to see the poor meeting up their basic needs and recover psychological affected poor women due to the extreme situation they are suffering from.

Presbyterian Church USA dba HIS House Homeless Intervention Shelter
Project:  HIS House Transitional Housing Program
Organization Mission: HIS House, a 54-bed transitional housing program, exists to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness to regain self-sufficiency. Originally established by the Placentia Presbyterian Church in 1989, HIS House has grown to provide a continuum of care to meet the unique needs of the homeless and impoverished community. Since its inception, HIS House has provided shelter and supportive services to more than 4,000 homeless men, women, and children.

Santa Chiara Children’s Center
Project:  Six-month transitioinal plan and five-year sustainability plan
Organization Mission: SCCC’s sacred mission is to provide complete systemic change in the development of abandoned, displaced, abused and neglected children from the slums of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They arrive hungry, malnourished and bearing all kinds of physical, emotional and psychological wounds that need to be lovingly embraced and healed. SCCC offers them compassion; a nonviolent home; three nutritious meals daily; basic education in reading, writing, math and art; continuing education; medical care; and a sense of dignity and unity for the common good. Ultimately, in nurturing and enabling these children over their years at SCCC (up to age 15), the objective is for them to succeed as adults and become contributing citizens.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, District Council of Cincinnati
Project:  Re-Entry Program: Empowering Returning Citizens to Reenter Society
Organization Mission: St. Vincent de Paul—Cincinnati (SVDP) is a network of neighbors, inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need. For more than 150 years, SVDP has helped neighbors in need make ends meet through direct assistance and compassionate care. Furthermore, SVDP also addresses root causes of poverty and supports vulnerable neighbors in moving upward by working for systemic change. Through core services such as Re-Entry Program, Homelessness Prevention, Choice Food Pantry, and Charitable Pharmacy, SVDP fosters the human potential available to each person and fulfills the Christian responsibility to care for those in need.

St. Anthony/All Saints Catholic Church
Project: St. Anthony/All Saints Hispanic Ministry: Building Bridges
Organization Mission: United by our faith as disciples of Our Lord, we come together to be the Light of Christ to each other and to our greater community as we celebrate our diverse heritages.

St. Bernardine Medical Center
Project:  Healthy Eating-Active Living
Organization Mission: We are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus. We dedicate our resources to delivering compassionate, high quality, affordable health services; serving and advocating for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disenfranchised; and partnering with others in the community to improve its quality of life. Through our outreach center located at St. Bernardine Medical Center, we provide health and wellness education, resources, and advocacy to all in our community. With the initial grant received form the CHM fund in 2018, we were able to expand staff and services to SBMC and build capacity to better serve our community. We continue to need supplemental funding to continue our work.

St. Jeanne de Lestonnac Free Clinic
Project:  Bridge To Care Program
Organization Mission: Lestonnac Free Clinic was founded in 1979 by Sister Marie Therese Solomon to address the physical and health needs of the poor and disenfranchised. The clinic now serves over 11,000 patients annually in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Our mission and ministry is to provide free health care services to low-income and uninsured residents in Southern California through the generous support of volunteers and donors. Providing disadvantaged and under-served populations with access to high-quality health care services free of charge, including preventative care, specialty care, and chronic disease management, we strive to ensure that all residents have access to care and never have to forego health care due to cost.

St. Joseph the Worker
Project:  Employment Without Barriers 2020
Organization Mission: In 1988, Father Michael Baxter of André House (a ministry to the homeless and poor of Phoenix) founded St. Joseph the Worker (SJW) after homeless individuals receiving a free evening meal voiced their frustrations regarding the lack of basic employment resources. For over 30 years, SJW’s work among the poor has focused solely on making quality jobs accessible to struggling homeless, unemployed and under-employed job seekers in Maricopa County. At SJW, we believe that if someone wants to work, they will be successful; and that everyone who wants a job should be able to get one. SJW removes barriers, empowering individuals to get the jobs they need, when they need them most! We are transforming lives through employment, one job at a time.

St. Vincent de Paul Social Services, Inc.
Project:  Operating Support of Homeless Shelters
Organization Mission: The Dayton District Council of St. Vincent de Paul, growing in spirituality and friendship, provides Christ-inspired person-to-person support in an empowering effort to improve the lives of those in personal, spiritual, or material need. Vision: Improving the lives of those in need – working to end poverty and homelessness one person at a time.

Tender Mercies, Inc.
Project: Income & Benefit Services
Organization Mission: Tender Mercies’ mission is to transform the lives of homeless adults with mental illness by providing them with security, dignity, and community in a place they call home. Many of the men and women we serve have lived on the streets, some for years, under bridges, or other places not meant for human habitation. All are grateful to have a welcoming home at Tender Mercies, safe from a world of hurt, hunger, and isolation.

Ugandan Water Project, Inc.
Project:  Clean water to 10 church communities
Organization Mission: As a tangible expression of Christ’s love, the Ugandan Water Project frees Ugandans from the bondage of water-related sickness and adversity, deploying the best available water solutions and equipping communities to maintain them.

YWCA Dayton
Project:  Bridging the Gap for Domestic Violence Survivors
Organization Mission: YWCA Dayton’s mission is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. As part of the oldest and largest women’s organization in the nation, YWCA Dayton has been at the forefront of the most pressing social movements for 150 years — from voting rights to civil rights, from affordable housing to pay equity, from violence prevention to health care reform. Through direct service programming and advocacy, YWCA Dayton responds to the needs of those on the margins of our community and restores wholeness through safety, shelter, and the opportunity for a new beginning.