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Grants Awarded

2021 Cycle Two

The following organizations were awarded grants from the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund in Cycle Two of 2021. We wish them every success in the accomplishment of their goals in serving God’s people. Click on the organization names to visit their websites.

Affecting Community Transformation Dba Oasis House
Project: Safe House Management
Organization Mission: To offer hope and support to women survivors of sexual exploitation and trauma by promoting healing, restoration and empowerment through Christ’s unconditional love, teaching practical life skills and mentoring in a transformational process.

Asociacion Instituto Para La Superacion de la Miseria Urbana de Guatemala – ISMUGUA
Project: Water collection and distribution in two communities in the municipality of Palencia, Guatemala
Organization Mission: We are an organization that supports diverse communities working on solutions for the development of a healthy environment for families living in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty, through democratic participation for self-sufficiency, political advocacy, knowledge management, the advancement of gender equity, and respect for human rights.

Asociacion para el Desarrollo de la Familia Guatemalteco – PROMAB
Project: Proyecto de Salud Mental Maria Anna Bunner
Organization Mission: The purpose of our association is to study, analyze, propose and implement programs and projects aimed at solving human problems with respect to the person and the family. Our goal is the integral protection of the human being and of the family. We promote academic development, family counseling and psychological support that allows the integral development of the person and the family. For this purpose, we sponsor, direct and administer all types of studies and projects of any kind, Academic development, family counseling. We support persons and activities that help achieve this end, as well as any other purpose or objective that is compatible or complementary with the search for human fulfillment and protection of the family.

Benedictine Sisters of Saint Agnes Chipole
Project: The construction two maternity wards and Unity labour in Chipole health center
Organization Mission: Our mission is to rescue the life of women and children especially during the childbearing moment where many women and children die because of the lack of health services in the villages.

Black Brothers and Black Sisters Involvement
Project: Hybrid Model for at Risk Youth
Organization Mission: Our mission is to prevent and reduce drug use and group violence, particularly retaliation, by gathering and leveraging street level intelligence, intervening in ongoing conflicts, and offering opportunities for a better way of life.

Brunner Literacy Center
Project: Sustaining, Enhancing, and Expanding the BLC
Organization Mission: The Brunner Literacy Center provides flexible learning opportunities to meet the individual needs of adult students in pursuit of their personal or professional education.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo
Project: Clothing Racks for Helping Hands of St. Louis Outreach Center
Organization Mission: Catholic Charities makes real the love that God has for each individual person regardless of their faith or background by serving the poor, speaking for and assisting the neglected and forgotten, respecting and promoting life from beginning to end and nurturing and supporting individuals and families.

Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio
Project: Immigration Legal Services 2021-22
Organization Mission: Our mission is to strengthen communities by serving the poor, protecting the vulnerable, and welcoming new neighbors (immigrants and refugees). Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio (CCSWO) serves eleven counties in Ohio: Hamilton, Adams, Brown, Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Highland, Logan, and Warren. For nearly 100 years, CCSWO has been delivering high-impact social services to individuals and families in need through programs for children and youth, mental health services, support for the elderly, and a wide range of services for immigrants and refugees in our community.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Lady of Faith Court #2604
Project: Rehabilitation of Malongwe Dispensary
Organization Mission: We, as a Catholic Daughters Court, strive to fulfill our mission of “Unity and Charity”.

Catholic Diocese of Morogoro
Project: Community Water and Sanitation Project at Lugono Village
Organization Mission: The Mission of the Catholic Diocese of Morogoro is to Spread the Gospel in works, Deed and Spiritual sustainability with special emphasis to the redeeming love of Jesus.

Catholic Social Services, Inc
Project: Brother Francis Shelter
Organization Mission: Catholic Social Services (CSS), has grown from a volunteer organization into a dedicated community services organization with seven different programs in three different locations in Anchorage, Alaska. CSS was launched by volunteers providing food and clothing from the basement of Holy Family Cathedral in the early 1960s; 12 volunteer board members incorporated the formal agency of CSS as a not-for-profit corporation in May of 1966. For over 50 years, CSS has been responding to the basic survival needs of our most vulnerable population; all CSS programs support “at-risk” individuals. The mission of CSS is to compassionately serve the poor and those in need, strengthen individuals and families, and advocate for social justice.

Cooperative for Education
Project: 47 Scholarships for Indigenous Girls (and Boys) in Guatemala
Organization Mission: Cooperative for Education’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education. We do this through innovative textbook, computer, reading, and scholarship/youth development programs that each address gaps in Guatemala’s education system. Since 1996, our sustainable programs have reached 225,500 students.

Covenant Enabling Residences of Michigan (DBA Covenant Ability Network of Michigan)
Project: Sustaining Support for Community Residences for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
Organization Mission: Extending dignity to every individual by optimizing independence and encouraging health and hope through community.

Dayton International Peace Museum
Project: Expanding Peace Literacy Education Initiative
Organization Mission: The Dayton International Peace Museum has a mission to promote, through education and collaboration, a more equitable, civil, and peaceful world. The Museum strives to inspire through the opportunity to learn alternatives to war, violence, and injustice. Programs and exhibits are non-partisan, secular, and feature themes of conflict resolution, equity, social justice, tolerance, and protecting our natural world.

DePaul Cristo Rey High School
Project: Graduate Success Program
Organization Mission: DePaul Cristo Rey is sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Its mission is to transform students into high school and college graduates by helping them realize their full potential. Its Catholic, college-preparatory curriculum and Corporate Work Study Program combine to form young women and men of integrity, faith, tenacity and purpose. Our ultimate goal is to increase the number of chronically low-income Cincinnati young people moving from poverty and dependence to self-sufficiency and purposefulness, and to do so through education.

Dominican Sisters of Peace
Project: Helping Jamaican Young People Forge a Path out of Poverty and Violence
Organization Mission: As a ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace congregation, including 20 plus years of service by Sr. Gene Poore, OP, to Kingston, the Jamaican Outreach Collaborative (JOC) project aims to alleviate the suffering and economic despair of its residents. This collaborative capitalizes on the work of our Congregation’s sponsored Jamaican ministry. Using the Catholic social teaching of dignity of the human person the collaborative seeks to care for some of the most vulnerable people in the world by addressing their many needs holistically through a variety of programs offered year-long. This holistic approach is critical to making meaningful change in the lives of the poor and is made possible by partnership.

Project: EarthLinks Workshop
Organization Mission: EarthLinks cultivates transformation and self-worth with people experiencing homelessness and poverty. By creating opportunities through Earth-centered programs, individuals step out of isolation and into community—restoring each other and the planet.

Faithful Love, Inc
Project: Faithful Love Core Operating Support
Organization Mission: To bring healing and restoration to adult women who are victims or at risk of being sex trafficked, prostituted, or exploited in Southeast Georgia.

Foundation for Transformative Education
Project: Establishment of Animal Husbandry Project to Support the Very Poorest of the Poor School Dropout Youth
Organization Mission: Our Mission is to promote equal access to quality education where as we recognize that education is the key to man’s life, however, only a few have access to quality education, leaving out majority of the needy and vulnerable groups greatly unattended.

Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph (FSJ) — Arusha Region
Project: Construction of Two Classrooms for St. Clare of Assisi Primary School
Organization Mission: Our mission is the realization of sustainable development in which children, teachers and the community are involved in positive activities that will ensure social – economic welfare in the entire locality and ensure a proper learning environment by providing habitable accommodations.

Friends in Solidarity, Inc
Project: Friends in Solidarity, Operating Support
Organization Mission: Purpose Statement: Friends in Solidarity is a collaborative ministry initiated by Institutes of Women and Men Religious in the United States supporting the people of Africa, especially South Sudan, through capacity building initiatives that include the training of teachers, health care professionals, farmers and pastoral teams. Compelled by the suffering of our African brothers and sisters, we are committed to raising awareness of their situation and working in collaboration with the Church in Africa as it accompanies, equips and empowers the people to create a sustainable future where their full human potential may be realized.

Friends of the Poor
Project: Completion of the medical center and buying lab equipment in Kiburara Village, Kasese Uuganda.
Organization Mission: The mission of the organization is to link and serve the poorest people suffering in extreme poverty who are in need of assistance for the improvement of their livelihoods as well as poverty eradication.

Fundación Cerro Navia Joven
Project: Community Center for the Elderly
Organization Mission: The mission of the foundation is to contribute to overcoming inequality and social exclusion, seeking to respond to real needs and urgencies, with strategies aimed at children,youth,adults,seniors and people with disabilities.

Harmony, Hope & Healing
Project: Community Leaders Ministry
Organization Mission: Harmony, Hope & Healing (HHH) provides facilitated spaces for people experiencing trauma and isolation to heal through creative self-expression. The organization serves individuals and families experiencing homelessness, addiction, and incarceration and partners with 11 social service agencies in the Chicagoland area. HHH’s therapeutic songwriting curriculum allows participants to develop positive relationships with themselves and others, engage in structured self-reflection, and reclaim a sense of personal agency. The overall goal is to contribute to an improved quality of life for participants and encourage them to play a more active role within their communities.

Healing Hearts Restoring Hope
Project: Journey to Hope and Healing
Organization Mission: HHRH strives to accompany all those affected by homicide on their healing journey. Our hope is to envision communities where trauma, anger, grief and revenge are lessened and healing, peace, and wholeness are the norm. Our work with the incarcerated will encourage and enable them to take responsibility for their actions, understand what brought them to the point where they could commit their crimes, heal from their own trauma, and reach the point where violence is no longer an option. We work with criminal justice professionals to bring about a truly just and compassionate system where healing is the main goal. We can reach a goal of zero homicides in our communities.

Hekima Girls’ Secondary School
Project: Creating a self-reliant learning opportunity for girls and boosting their body immunity to deter opportunistic infections
Organization Mission: To provide quality education to young women in order to emancipate them psychologically, culturally, socially, economically, and spiritually and enable them to develop their talent, gain confidence as individuals and have an impact on the development of their society”

Project: Most Vital to Most Vulnerable
Organization Mission: Homefull’s mission is “to work to end homelessness by providing housing, services, advocacy, and education.”

Hope Community Development Agency Ltd
Project: Construction of a Seven Class-Room Block for St. Joseph’s Primary School Located at Kotido Catholic Diocese
Organization Mission: The Organization mission is to bring up competent, equipped, committed, resourceful, responsible and contemplative God-fearing people through the power of education. Hope Community Development Agency (HCDA) is a non-profit, non-denominational child-focused community based organization operating in Uganda . Its main objective is to promote the educational access, retention and completion of the school cycle by children living in pastoral communities who have been rendered vulnerable by frequent exposure to armed cattle rustling by Karamojong warriors.

Instituto del Rincon AC
Project: Program for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation in Rural Mexico
Organization Mission: The Corner Institute’s mission is the promotion of our region’s educational and economic development, giving priority to programs benefiting those in greatest need. Our assistance to migrants’ families and children allows us to help families and children in greatest need resolve critical difficulties before these become family-fragmenting crises, while generating new educational and earning opportunities for area youths, migrants’ widows, single parents and returned migrants. Our peace-building programs address the violence and corruption which constitute the most important obstacles to our region’s development, and seek to alleviate the suffering of those most afflicted.

Joseph’s Home
Project: Medical Respite for Men and Women Experiencing Homelessness
Organization Mission: Individuals struggling with homelessness experience acute medical needs more often than the general population. Often, these needs require ongoing medical supervision and safe, stable housing. Medical providers are not equipped to provide housing and shelters are not equipped to provide medical care. Thus, many individuals struggling with homelessness are caught in a vicious cycle of emergency rooms, shelters, jails and the streets.

Julia Greeley Home Inc.
Project: Serving Homeless Women Through the Julia Greeley Home
Organization Mission: The mission of the Julia Greeley Home is to provide homeless women with a safe, family-style environment where their God-given dignity is emphasized, and they receive the time, practical tools, and education to rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.

Kupenda for the Children
Project: Equipping Christian Leaders in Kenya to Reduce Harmful Traditional Beliefs and Practices about Disability and Become Advocates for Children with Disabilities
Organization Mission: For the past 20 years Kupenda has been working to transforms harmful beliefs surrounding disability to those that improve children’s lives.

Ladies Empowerment and Action Program (LEAP)
Project: LEAP Women’s Reentry Project
Organization Mission: LEAP empowers incarcerated women to transcend their past and successfully re-enter society by providing transformational education, entrepreneurial training, and mentorship. We serve as a model, voice and advocate for the power of rehabilitation over retribution.

Lawrenceville Job-Training Partnership
Project: WorkWell Job-training Program for Returning Citizens
Organization Mission: The mission of the Lawrenceville Job-Training Partnership (LJTP) is: “Removing Walls, Building Community—working together to equip returning citizens with job skills, dignity and hope.” LJTP serves Mercer County, New Jersey’s ex-prisoner population in the critical period of reentry into society.

Little Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Mission
Project: Construction of perimeter wall for Saints Joseph and Anthony Girls Study Centre in Langata-Nairobi, Kenya
Organization Mission: The Little Sisters of St. Francis core mission is to reach out with compassion to the marginalized in the spirit of St. Francis and Mother Kevin.

Madonna Mission
Project: Leadership Team Support
Organization Mission: Madonna Mission is a nonprofit organization providing education and resettlement support programs for refugee families with a strong focus on women and elementary aged children.

MAV Youth Mentoring
Project: Youth Mentoring Programs
Organization Mission: Our mission is to provide all children facing difficulties a positive, professionally supported one-on-one relationship that improves their lives forever.

New Creation Home Ministries
Project: Residential Program
Organization Mission: New Creation Home Ministries (NCHM) provides housing and support services to young, at-risk pregnant and parenting mothers ages 13-22. Our mission is to foster long-term independence for these mothers through quality programs designed to encourage academic, vocational, parental, and social growth and success. The at-risk young mothers we serve have experienced any number of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which has impacted their ability to live sustainable lives. We work to re-educate and motivate our mothers towards a path of stability through residential advising, case management, and our weekly life skills/parenting classes. Through our program, we offer financial relief and an environment of dignity, respect, and understanding.

Operation Nightwatch – Portland
Project: Nighttime Hospitality Program
Organization Mission: Operation Nightwatch provides nighttime hospitality to Portland’s un-housed population to promote dignity, community, and social connection.

Peaslee Neighborhood Center, Inc
Project: Peaslee for the People – Preservation Project
Organization Mission: Peaslee Center is a peaceful place in Over-the-Rhine where residents create and engage in participatory education to foster creative expression, self-determination, and social change.

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation
Project: PBMR Arts Program
Organization Mission: Rooted in the Spirituality of the Precious Blood, we strive to restore human dignity through hospitality, hope, and healing.

Rebirth Homes
Project: Victim to Survivor Program
Organization Mission: Rebirth Homes’ mission is to combat human trafficking through education/awareness and by providing a residential, holistic healing program for survivors of human trafficking. Rebirth Homes provides housing for survivors of human trafficking along with the opportunity to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our program has two phases: The Healing Phase and the Transitional Phase. The Healing Phase is 4 to 6 months and the Transitional Phase is up to 18 months.

Rehabilitation Center for Neurological Development
Project: Brain & Body Integration Program for Children
Organization Mission: To offer those with special needs the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential utilizing individualized neurodevelopmental, neuroeducational and wellness programs. To offer the general community the opportunity to increase their well being utilizing a variety of services within the wellness program.

Sacred Heart House of Denver
Project: Continuum of Services
Organization Mission: Sacred Heart House of Denver provides a Continuum of Services for single mothers w/children and single women experiencing homelessness, enabling them to secure housing & become self-sufficient.

Sangre de Cristo Health Care Project
Project: Access to Primary Medical Care Services for Marginalized Communities
Organization Mission: All services meet immediate health needs, as well as, provide a focus for implementing a healthier way of life, having a long term positive impact on the quality of life of local families. The Sangre de Cristo Health Project has 3 focus areas of health education, disease prevention and direct curative services. The Project provides access to affordable primary health care and programs which assist the population to develop knowledge and skills to improve their own health and well-being. Our mission of service includes 4 Medical Clinics, 4 Pharmacies, 2 Dental Clinics and 2 Laboratories, surgery campaign, medical/dental visits in remote villages, health education in schools, community health talks and Environmental Health Program.

Santa Chiara Children’s Center
Project: Santa Chiara Childrens Center
Organization Mission: SCCC’s sacred mission is to provide complete systemic change in the development of abandoned, displaced, and neglected children from the slums of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They arrive hungry, malnourished, and bearing all kinds of physical, emotional, and psychological wounds that need to be embraced and healed. SCCC offers the children compassion; a nonviolent home and loving family; daily nutritional meals; basic education in reading, writing, and math; continuing education; medical care; and a sense of dignity and solidarity for the common good. Ultimately, in nurturing these children over their years at SCCC (Up to age 15), the objective is for them to succeed as adults who become contributing citizens.

Set the Banquet Table
Project: Miami Valley Meals Program
Organization Mission: Miami Valley Meals seeks to combat food insecurity through advocacy and programs that support and improve local efforts while reducing waste and providing nutritious chef-prepared meals, culinary job training and offering education to improve the entire service network. Our purpose is to serve as a chef-led, culinary service to community kitchens and other organizations feeding the hungry; bolstering their inventory and lessening their strain so they may put more effort towards their individual missions.

Sisters in Shelter
Project: Social Enterprise Expansion – Hope’s Landing
Organization Mission: Our mission is to support survivors and bring to light the extensive issue of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, and the need to address it in our own community.

Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Ohio
Project: Project Hope-Proyecto Esperanza 2021-2022 Serving Legal Needs of Immigrants
Organization Mission: Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Ohio Mission: We are a community rooted in Gospel and gifted with charism of Francis and Clare. Transformed by God’s love and guided by the Spirit, we continue the mission of Jesus wherever we serve, adhering to the words which inspired Mother Francis and Father Bihn: “…whatsoever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.”

St. Anthony/All Saints Church
Project: Building Bridges
Organization Mission: United by our faith as disciples of Our Lord, we come together to be the Light of Christ to each other and to our greater community as we celebrate our diverse heritages.

St. Joseph the Worker
Project: Employment Without Barriers
Organization Mission: In 1988, Father Michael Baxter of André House (a ministry to the homeless and poor of Phoenix) founded St. Joseph the Worker (SJW) after homeless individuals receiving a free evening meal voiced their frustrations regarding the lack of basic employment resources. For over 30 years, SJW’s work among the poor has focused solely on making quality jobs accessible to struggling homeless, unemployed and under-employed job seekers in Maricopa County. At SJW, we believe that if someone wants to work, they will be successful; and that everyone who wants a job should be able to get one. SJW removes barriers, empowering individuals to get the jobs they need, when they need them most! We are transforming lives through employment, one job at a time.

St. Therese English Medium School-Muleba
Project: Construction of a wall around the school
Organization Mission: The mission of our organization is to impart education to the orphans and children from poor families. This involves good moral formation, education and the knowledge of God. The protection of the minors is our priority and we think the construction of the wall will be of great potential to the children.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
Project: Mission and Ministry Patient Transportation Fund
Organization Mission: In the spirit of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, the SVCMC family is dedicated to the healing ministry of Jesus. Caregivers serve with a deep respect for the dignity and value of all persons, are focused on quality care, dedicated to the poor, and committed to continuing education.

Step Forward Academy
Project: Mentorship Program
Organization Mission: Step Forward Academy’s (SFA) mission is to empower marginalized men, women, and families with the resources and support needed to develop a career path to end poverty. SFA was founded on the idea that in order to make a living wage you must cultivate the skills to maintain a long-term career. SFA’s goal is to bridge the gap between low-income individuals seeking employment and the business community seeking capable and enthusiastic employees.

The Servants of Immaculate Heart Of Mary (SCIM Brothers)
Project: Construction of security wire fence surrounding student’s hostels for Consolata Iringa Secondary School in Tanzania
Organization Mission: The organization mission is to provide all our students with any opportunity for solid learning through: Carrying out pastoral work for spiritual welfare and social development of the Catholic population to all people. Highly motivated teachers who permanently strive for on cultivating students through their professional and quality teaching. Inclusive strategies whereby parents, guardians and community at large become part of decision making with the community’s and parents’ share in the learning process and in decision making. A distinguished, in-depth and consistent learning curriculum harmonious with the content and standards informed by the Tanzania syllabus. Creation of an excellent learning atmosphere.

The Servants of the Good News Sisters
Project: Construction of Antenatal clinic and maternity ward at Safina ya Nuhu Dispensary at Bereko, Kondoa, Tanzania
Organization Mission: The Servants of the Good News is a diocesan congregation of indigenous Sisters founded in 1984 in the Mbulu Diocese of Tanzania by Rev. Fr. Magnus Lochbihler, OSB. The congregation’s primary charism is evangelization, especially of marginalized peoples. Special attention is given to youth and young women.

Three Roots International
Project: Care Group Pilot Launch
Organization Mission: Motivated by God’s call to rescue the poor and oppressed, our mission is to cultivate community development and economic capacity by empowering families through education, health, and income generating activities. We focus on holistic and sustainable community change through a strategic program model, and true empowerment of the local church to lead in community transformation.

Uganda Martyrs Primary School Kyankwanzi
Project: Water Harvesting for the School and the Community around us
Organization Mission: Living with a healthy school community through securing and providing safe and clean water during and post COVID_19 period which will be used for drinking and preparing clean meals and shower. We wish to extend the spirit of restitution to families around our school through sharing with them this water.

University of Dayton
Project: ECHO (Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity) at St. Benedict the Moor Catholic School
Organization Mission: The University of Dayton is a top-tier Catholic research university committed, in the Marianist tradition, to educating the whole person; linking learning and scholarship with leadership and service. UD challenges all its members to become servant-leaders, committed to a common search for truth; respect for the dignity of all people; and an appreciation that God is manifested sacramentally through creation and the ordinary things in life. We serve community through a broad range of initiatives. ECHO is a partnership between the UD Center for Catholic Education and local Catholic schools. Staffed by licensed counselors & social workers, ECHO assists students, family, and educational staff with removing the non-academic barriers to learning.

Unlocking Communities
Project: Clean Water and Business Training for Haiti
Organization Mission: Unlocking Communities exists as a social enterprise to engage the people of Haiti in the pursuit of gainful employment and economic sustainability by offering education, training, and tools to sell sustainable products that can provide clean water to families. This supports economic, social, and environmental transformation in the region.

Wesley Community Center
Project: Dayton Cooks!
Organization Mission: The mission of the Wesley Community Center is to meet the spiritual and basic needs of families of all ages, offering assistance in education and training, employment and in meeting human needs (food, clothing and shelter) in transitioning families towards self sufficiency. The Center’s commitments include providing opportunity for all age groups that will respond to actual needs and interest, and being a supportive agency for community endeavors and building bridges of understanding between people in the community.