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Granting Cycles


Beginning with 2023 Cycle One, the CHMF application process will change as follows:

Letter of Inquiry submissions will be limited to the first 100 Letters of Inquiry received that are correctly completed and have the proper documentation included. Only those submitting in the first 100 complete and correct Letters of Inquiry will be invited to submit a full application. This is a change from the previous 2022 cycles where we limited the number of applications.

Letters of Inquiry will only be accepted during a two-week period.

Cycle One:  January 2-January 16 by 11:59 pm ET or until the first 100 fully complete LOIs are processed
Cycle Two:  July 1-July 15 by 11:59 ET or until the first 100 fully complete LOIs are processed

We will no longer be contacting organizations whose Letter of Inquiry is incomplete or incorrect documents submitted in order to get the correct information. The Letter of Inquiry must be submitted as complete with all correct documents included.

There are two granting cycles each year:

Granting Cycles for 2023 and Beyond



Note: CHM Fund cannot pay for expenses incurred prior to a request being approved. Therefore, requested grant period must begin AFTER CHM Fund Board of Directors meet to consider the request.

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