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Reason for the Fund

The CPPS Heritage Mission Fund had its origin in the desire of the Sisters of the Precious Blood to continue their congregational mission beyond the eventual limitations of physical ability and presence.

Starting from the simple founding in Switzerland and initially living with only the bare necessities like other pioneers in America, the Sisters, over the past nearly two hundred years, exercised prudent stewardship and sound fiscal management of the gifts God granted. Living simply so others could simply live and investing savings to ensure the care of their elderly and future generations, the Sisters eventually found themselves the guardians of monies in excess of their need. With this realization came the understanding that these funds were not theirs to use for their own wishes but rather were given so that they could be used to proclaim God’s love for all by responding to the unmet needs of others, especially the poor and marginalized and those excluded from the benefits of society.

After thoroughly exploring and reflecting on the charism, mission and values that the Sisters of the Precious Blood incarnated in their lives of service over the years, after research and study about how to be conscientious donors and finally through ongoing testing of the most responsible way to make monies available to those in need, the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund was created.

The name of the fund was very deliberate:

CPPS  ̶  the initials are those of the Latin name for the Congregation of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, Congregatio Pretiosissimi Sanguinis

Heritage  ̶  carries the accumulated spirituality, service, values and commitment of the many Sisters who preceded us and who made it possible for this fund to exist; and

Mission ̶  moves the fund from the past and present into the future where good works can still be accomplished by the Sisters even though they may no longer be physically present to do them.