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Board of Directors, Executive Secretary


Board Members

John E. Clough, Esq.
Brother Joe Fisher, C.PP.S.
John Grilliot
Lester Hess
John Hoying
Kenneth Marcellus
Tony Ortiz
Mary Lou Zwiesler, MD
Sr. Martha Bertke, C.PP.S.
Sr. Marita Beumer, C.PP.S.
Sr. Barbara Brown, C.PP.S.
Sr. Karen Elliott, C.PP.S.
Sr. Judy Kroeger, C.PP.S.
Sr. Joyce Langhals, C.PP.S.
Sr. Joyce Lehman, C.PP.S.
Sr. Mary Ann Mozser, C.PP.S.
Sr. Florence Seifert, C.PP.S.

Executive Secretary

Barb Clark

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PO Box 751291, Dayton, Ohio 45475-1291